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Saturday, September 24th, 2022 6:23 PM


Ping spikes in specific games, bandwith issue with router

This just started happening this summer, went away for about a month, and now it's back - every time I load up Roblox and join a server, the ping is good for about a minute, then spikes into the thousands. It stays like this for 10 seconds, as my download speeds still remain around the 600 mb/s range, then proceeds to stay at 3000 ping for 10 seconds at a time. I've determined this is likely to be a problem with bandwidth settings set by Xfinity, as I've already tried:

  • Reinstalling Roblox entirely

  • Resetting all Roblox settings

  • Give Roblox high priority in system settings

  • Reboot internet router

  • Reset Network settings on my pc
  • Disable and Re-enabling firewall completely

  • Reset Windows Defender
  • Reset my whole pc

  • Reset Windows Network Settings

I have perfect ping in other games, but I think that Xfinity's settings that are pre-set have made it so if I use too much data from Roblox's servers on a specific port, it throttles the connections, and this would explain the abnormally high ping. I usually would stay around a steady 30-40 ping before this issue.

I'd like to know how to reset the bandwidth parameters for my router, and or Roblox, if possible.

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1 year ago

Hi there @soxdidthis!


Sorry to hear about the trouble! To clarify, you mentioned "games" plural in the title but also that the ping spikes only happens on Roblox servers, so I want to make sure that we are understanding correctly :) 


It certainly sounds like you've done quite a lot of troubleshooting on your own, which we greatly appreciate! 



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1 year ago

I have the same issue. I moved recently and Xfinity was the only provider in the area. I have one of the highest speed plans with 800+ mbps with ethernet plugged in. I can play other games completely fine with little to no lag spikes/latency. However, when I play Roblox within a minute of joining a server I experience consistent lag spikes of 1k+ ping for minutes on end. It makes the game unplayable, and I've taken numerous troubleshooting measures like you. Such as factory resetting my pc, resetting my router, reinstalling Roblox. But none of these have fixed the problem, I also have share your belief that Xfinity has placed bandwidth limits for Roblox, preventing people from utilizing over a certain amount of internet speed when playing the game. Additionally, I have tried to check the admin website to see if I could change bandwidth limits, but there was no option to do so.

Not sure what to do besides ask Xfinity to take a look at current bandwidth limits on Roblox, or enable users to change the limits themselves.

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Hey @user_ae7d25, thank you for reaching out to Xfinity Support on our Forums. Xfinity does not throttle or limit bandwidth. The setting also isn't showing in the app because we do not have device based band limits as a feature at this time. Since it is only happening to Roblox games, have to tried port forwarding to see if it improves the connection?


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10 months ago

my son is having the exact same issue with Roblox and his ping jumping into the thousands. He is so beyond frustrated and so am I. I have tried every potential fix listed above and online. We have this issue both on wifi and ethernet, i have 1200 mbps speeds. Can someone from Xfinity please provide a step by step fix for the router or simply as the ISP stop doing this on your end.


it's absolutely ridiculous I can't even attempt to do port forwarding because xfinity forces me to use the App that NEVER works....I can't even use in a browser at it just routes me to the App. Terrible Service, I now understand why people purchase their own modem/router.


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@keltik79 Thank you for reaching out and bringing this to our attention. I can understand how this can be frustrating. 

Could you please send our team a direct message with your full name and full address? Our team can most definitely take a further look at this issue.


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