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Tue, May 4, 2021 8:42 PM

Periods of packet loss/no connection late evening


Over the past few days between the hours of 6pm and midnight I've been noticing periods of very high packet loss, between 90-95% for 5-10 minutes. The few packets that come through have times around 170ms, typical ping times are about 12ms to OpenDNS servers. 

I have an Ubiquti UDM-Pro and checking the event logs doesn't provide any meaningful information. The most recent logs in the modem were from Nov. 2020 so there's nothing I can see there. 

My location is northern Illinois, I've tried reaching out to support with no success due to the fact the issue is sporadic and by the time I'm connected to a rep, the issue has been resolved. 

Any input on how to handle this issue would be greatly appreciated.


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