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Sat, Nov 14, 2020 3:00 PM

Magic Jack VOIP phone

I have been using a Magic Jack with my Comcast service from the start. In October of this year, it stopped working. MJ support wanted me to open certain ports in my router which I did. Still it does not work. I replaced the MJ unit since then and was still unable to use it. When I took the MJ unit to San Diego to my relations house, it worked without doing any special configuration on their router. I also tried it on my next door neighbour's Comcast/Xfinity Modem and it does not work. All this points to something with Comcast but I have not been able to get a satisfactory answer so far.


Cable modem: Linksys

Wifi riouter: Netgear

Ports open: 5060-5070

SIP disabled


Can anyone please help?




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4 m ago

My MagicJack voip worked fine with Comcast Xfinity for 6+ years then stopped early January.  I've tried changing my router settings with no help.   After 1.5 hrs with Magic Jack support, they said to call Comcast support.   This happened to my son several weeks ago, as well.   


The Magic Jack works great if I run it through USB on my compouter.  Just not through the router on  Xfinity.


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