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Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022 4:45 PM


Local IP Network question


So I was browsing through my settings in admin tool, and there is something called Local IP network, under that it says IPV6 Address Assignment  and stateful is selected. I honestly do not know what it means but I remember in the old days, like few routers ago that setting was set to stateless. So is it OK if it says stateful? Like I said I don't really understand this too much so in lament terms would be great. Also I did not change anything there, I do not touch what I don't know. 


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1 year ago

Stateful uses DHCPv6 to assign addresses, so the router will tell DHCPv6 clients what address to use.  Stateless lets clients pick their address (generally based on the interface MAC address) based on the network prefix they get from router advertisements.

I'm not sure what admin tool you're talking about.  Is it for an Xfinity gateway, router or...? 

Local IP network sounds like it's for the LAN side of a gateway or router.  In that case either setting should be fine.  Devices that don't support stateful address assignment can still use stateless.  

On the WAN (cable) side it should be set to stateful if there's even an option.  There won't be on a rented Xfinity gateway.  Comcast uses DHCPv6 to assign an address and a prefix to your router.

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