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Internet Drops, Speed not what’s Promised, External Issue, Contractors all say the same thing

I have had the Xfinity contractors come to my house multiple times. They have tried their usual stuff. Reset your modem, check all your connections, cut, and reapply F stops to all your lines, replace the line from the pole to the house, and it goes on and on and on.if any of y’all had this issue, because it seems like you have been reading the forums. Now when I go and investigate and look at the signal strength, the SNR or signal to noise, ratio, or the M ER or the modulation error, ratio, or the power upstream are all out of whack. There repeated response is for me to reset my modem, but it is not working. I need someone who can help me fix this. Xfinity is my most expensive utility that I pay each month. I need help solving my problem and I don’t want contractors I want an area tech who is an Xfinity employee to come to my house and show me how they’re gonna solve this problem or I’m done. Who else is having the same problems that I am where your Internet shuts on and off, or when you look at who the server is and what speeds their providing are .03 as opposed to the one gig you’re paying for? This is ridiculous. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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2 months ago

I have also had issues with my speeds getting extremely low, and have to catch it and resolve it on my own most of the time.

More recently, I have had intermittent problems for a few months now on a hardwired connection, as well as across all devices.

10+ chat tickets, 4 technicians out, 1 replaced modem, and we're exactly where we started two months ago. It is frustrating to continually have to follow up and chase people down for a resolution, particularly for those of us that work from home.

Good luck on the fix, and hopefully it is resolved sooner rather than later.

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2 months ago

@user_n267un I hate to hear that you have continued to run into issues with your connection like this for so long, and we never want you to have to continue dealing with the same issues. Since you mentioned you've had multiple technicians out without change, I'd like to review the account with you to find us the next best course of action! Can you send our team a direct message with your full name and address so we can take a look into this further together? To send a direct message, please click on the chat icon in the top-right corner of the screen, and select "Xfinity Support" to initiate a live chat. 


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