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Mon, Mar 9, 2020 7:00 PM

Gigabit service running at 600Mbps... Multiple calls (details)

3/13/19 - TL;DR - This morning at 600. I used the xFi App to issue a restart to my modem and I'm back at 950. Hope Tier 3 folks can find out why my connection package is being set to a lower speed. Curious how long this will stay at 950 as well.


3/12/20 - TL;DR - xfinity was autoprovisioning my modem for the 400Mbps tier even though my account has reflected the 1000Mbps teir for over a week.  This has been escalated to tier 3 support.  Today's Post 


I ordered 1000Mbps service... the modem showed up, I installed it, activated it, changed to bridge mode... I was only getting 600Mbps via

I have a newly built gaming PC hardwired to my router -> modem.  No issues transfering at 1gig between my machines on my LAN.  My speedtests to xfinity have been up to 950 at times but not solid... story follows...

Ticket #1 - I called in, was on for probably and hour going through the dialogue/troubleshooting... eventually after all the stuff we tried, the tech pushed an 'advanced config' to my modem and after a restart I was at 950Mbps.

Ticket #2 - few days later - same issue - stuck at 600Mbps - call in - 30 minutes of dialogue and was then assured the tech will fix all issues. They told me that my gigabit service was not yet activated... even though they shipped me a modem, I activated it and was at 950Mbps prior. They told me that 30 minutes later, I should be good after they were going to make some changes. I was not good later on... still at 600Mbps.

Ticket #3 - I called in again and explained everything that's happened so far, they ran a few tests... at that time they scheduled a dispatch.

Tech visit - He proved out all coax from my modem location to the curb. All levels good, running clean.  He even put on a pad to fine tune to get me closer to the middle of the acceptable range. He put his xfinity speed test device on the modem and only hit 600Mbps.  At that time, the tech swapped to another modem he had in his truck(same model as the other) and with his test set hit 950Mbps.

All good...

Forward three days... new modem, running at 600Mbps....

Ticket #4 - Chatted with someone... explained all of the above. They told me they'd escalate to level 2 and if I got disconnected, they'd call me back.... they didn't call back.

Ticket #5 - I called back in and they had no record of that call 15 minutes ago.  They told me I had the wrong modem... even though they provided it. Was on for over 1.5 hours and asked for a manager...  spoke with a supervisor... he verified everything looks good config-wise and said I have a Technicolor modem CGM4140 and that I should try their Arris EG1682G to see if the different modem fixes it... both are used for XFINITY XB6 it sounds like? A tech is coming out tomorrow to swap modems.

Anyone ran in to this 600Mbps issue and had it resolved permanently?





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1 y ago

Had an update with the executive,


Next months bill is being paid for.  They wanted to send another Tech... I declined technician and directed them to look at their forums..   Its a widespread issue.  A tech to my house will not fix the problem.  Explained the Modem Chipset and the only two modems they offer both have issues.  He Mentioned the xb7 modem and that we both are aware of it, but he could not get it because its still in test phase.  He recommended swapping the modem for another..  I've once again stated that's not going to work either and directed again to forums.  I told him there needs to be another option.  If your an extreme pro 400 subscriber then you won't notice the issue.  He agreed and said that's probably true as gigabit tier customer count is much lower and It isn't being reported.   He also said he Spoke with their engineers, and they told him they don't see anything wrong.. He assured me just after stating that, "that doesn't mean I'm saying the issue doesn't exist" What he would like to do is cover the cost of gigabit tier for the following month.  And that due to the covoid issue they can't send anyone into the homes..  I agreed, I totally understand the coronavirus problem and agreed to continue to hold while they work on finding out the issue.  He said He'd like to send out the xb7 if he could but not even he can get ahold of it.  For now we are in limbo...  I suggested they should talk with the modems firmware provider to find a resolution.  By doing this, they will take a closer look at even their own provisioning.   Until then. I have his contact info and will be dealing with him directly.


He called again shortly after our conversation 10 minutes after hangup.   "Ive received your FCC complaint".  Me. "yep, I filled that on Sunday the same day I emailed executive offices".  He says ok,  we'll continue with our same process and conversation to find a resolution,  until then.



So this is where we stand.   Comcast Exectutive office knows there's a problem.  We'll see how long it takes for resolve.


Todays Speedtest Result   661 down 44 up



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1 y ago

Thank you for following up on this, and pushing it. I'm also experiencing it, although I'm lucky if I'm above 350/40 consistently in bridge mode (850-1.2gb/45 not in bridge mode). I haven't felt like insisting and dealing with tech support that it's not on my end, so again, thank you.


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1 y ago

"Thank you for following up on this, and pushing it. I'm also experiencing it, although I'm lucky if I'm above 350/40 consistently in bridge mode (850-1.2gb/45 not in bridge mode). I haven't felt like insisting and dealing with tech support that it's not on my end, so again, thank you."


I have also been working on this from my end. I had a few engineers who were trying to test something on my modem to no avail. My recommendation was they reach out to the vendor that supplies these modems and see if they can address it on that end. It appears to be an issue with the firmware/software on the modem itself.


Now I quoted the above, because it is going to be hard to get the attention we need when people post something that is OBVIOUSLY false. The 1.2Gbps speed is not possible. This modem has gigabit ports so you will never see over 980Mbps due to overhead. In bridge mode you can't run dual ethernet ports so no increase that way... in NAT mode the modem itself does not support that capability at this time. That is also assuming you are running it to a machine with dual nics since there is no 2.5 or great ports on this device.


As to comcast on this. They have really missed the mark on this. Many technicians with no permanent fix. Even after I have been able to reproduce the issue and give them the steps to recreated in a lab environment they have still be pretty much useless on looking into it and having it fixed. Chances are the next big modem update that gets pushed will correct the issue. Maybe I should just reach out to the manufacturer directly to see what they can do on that end since this problem is more than likely an issue with the newest update.

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1 y ago

I wanted to post that I have been having the same issue. I get 950+ without bridge mode, and with bridge mode around 650.

This does need to be fixed because nowhere in my agreement does it state I need to be in non-bridge mode to achieve 950+ speeds.


@ComcastJK Can this please oh please be prioritized? 




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1 y ago

Yes I ran into that issue the way to solve it if you don’t have ingress in your house or anywhere in your area you can check your modem to see if you have any issues with downstream Uncorrectables so if your getting 600 mbps and there’s a lot a lot of correcteables In the 3.1 channel meaning you have to many people on your node meaning it’s max compacity

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1 y ago

Not sure how to read this info. Anything standing out? Sorry if it is tiny, I had to do some HTML source edits to make it super wide because the GUI formatting is lame.

Looks normal?Looks normal?


Looks like this website can not handle the huge picture?? Here is the imgur link 




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1 y ago

I kinda can read it I see some ingress but can you do it without stretching it because it’s too blurry



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1 y ago



It is now 20 days later.


Not a peep from comcast..   FCC still open.   Issue untouched.




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Honestly, I wouldn't hold your breath. I am not even confident this is something they can fix. I am mostly sure this is something the vendor of the device will need to fix/patch so we are going to be waiting until they release a new software/firmware update for it.


That aside you can get NAT'd mode to work just fine, but depending on your use case you might need to do some manual routing to avoid double NAT issues. If you are willing to let the comcast device handle all of your dhcp, dns, port, etc settings then adding a simple switch to your setup to get more ethernet ports might be the simpliest fix. For some of us that just isn't a possibility.


So it isn't the end of the world, but it is a serious pain in the butt. The biggest kick in the teeth was the fact that if I add another docsis 3.1 modem to my account I lose the unlimited data even if I am STILL PAYING for the modem rental fee. So to use my own modem would actually increase my bill by 40 bucks a month even after removing the modem rental fee. So that is a pretty big flaw in the system.


. That is why I cannot wait for fiber to hit my home locally. I can say that once low orbit wifi hits companies like Comcast will start dying out.




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1 y ago

Router Mode isn't working either for me now.

Had a long wasteful conversation with online chat and the tech 0 lied to me.   I got a call back on via text message service and got a nice guy who is sending me a newer model modem than my current device.  He said I should have it in a few days. node across the street is still at capacity causing drop outs now.  I lose internet almost daily and have lag spikes throughout the day.




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1 y ago


Connecting from Xfinity Assistant. I have a question about internet.

A.K. 9:26:01 AM

You are now chatting with Sunidhi

Hello, thank you for contacting Xfinity Support. My name is Sunidhi .Who do I have the pleasure of assisting today?

Sunidhi 9:26:56 AM

Hello, this is A.K..

A.K. 9:27:12 AM

Could you please elaborate your concern so that I can assist you better?

Sunidhi 9:28:22 AM

I'm still having issues with my internet speed and it's been happening for the last 3 months. They troubleshooting system already did a reboot a few minutes ago and my speed actually went down even further. I am directly connected to the gateway, i do not use wifi.

A.K. 9:28:54 AM

I've been paying for the 1gb service starting back in January and I have not been getting that speed but a few weeks out of the last 4 months.

A.K. 9:31:34 AM

I apologize for the inconvenience faced by you and I will do my best to help you on this.

Sunidhi 9:31:53 AM

Please help me authenticate your account by providing your complete name and complete service address with zip code.

Sunidhi 9:33:33 AM

A.K.32464 *************************

A.K. 9:33:57 AM

Don't worry. Your sensitive data has been masked.

Great, thank you for sharing the  information, please give me a moment to review the account details

Sunidhi 9:35:25 AM

Thank you for waiting.

Sunidhi 9:38:27 AM

Just to confirm, may I know how much speed you are getting now?

Sunidhi 9:38:47 AM


A.K. 9:38:59 AM

It was just over 600Mb before the modem rebooted.

A.K. 9:39:32 AM

When it works I get over 850MB to just over 900Mb.

A.K. 9:39:55 AM

Thank you let me refresh the account for you and I will do my best to help you.

Sunidhi 9:40:05 AM

Thank you for sharing information please stay connected.

Sunidhi 9:40:33 AM

What do you mean by refresh my account?

A.K. 9:40:43 AM

I mean let me refresh the signals.

Sunidhi 9:41:52 AM

The browser is unable to connect to the chat server. Some messages may not have been delivered and you will not be able to send or receive new messages.

Is it rebooting?

Sunidhi 9:45:05 AM

You are now reconnected with Sunidhi

I rebooted.

A.K. 9:45:30 AM

It* rebooted

A.K. 9:45:41 AM

Due you see any change in speed?

Sunidhi 9:47:21 AM

Let me test it. Hold on.

A.K. 9:47:29 AM


Sunidhi 9:47:37 AM


A.K. 9:48:03 AM

OKay please stand by let me check again.

Sunidhi 9:48:48 AM

Just did another test 618.1Mb... it's way slower than it should be. My upload speed is also about half of what it is normally. I'm at 19.1Mb when it's normally 32Mb to 41Mb.

A.K. 9:50:01 AM

Okay, can you confirm are you using wireless router?

Sunidhi 9:53:25 AM

I do not use wireless to connect my computers. I told you that earlier.

A.K. 9:53:47 AM

It's not my equipment. I've had 3 different techs and a line engineer to my home a few times a month ago.

A.K. 9:54:31 AM

Okay, let me check

Sunidhi 9:55:52 AM

If I'm only getting roughly half my speed I should only be charged have my monthly rate right?

A.K. 9:57:31 AM

I am sorry

Sunidhi 9:58:21 AM

I am sorry for the issue you are facing right now. xfinity will credit you 22$ in your next month bill.

Sunidhi 9:59:19 AM

What about last month?

A.K. 9:59:48 AM

Could you confirm are you using personal router?

Sunidhi 9:59:49 AM

I'm connected to your gateway.

A.K. 10:00:25 AM

You will be getting $22  for the bill circle march to April.

Sunidhi 10:00:49 AM

I've been dealing with this for 3 months. $22 is all I'm getting for 1 months bill? You do realized I've spent many hours on chat and on the phone trying to get xfinity to fix this problem right?

A.K. 10:01:58 AM

I am really sorry for the issue you are facing and if I would be the customer I can feel the same.

Sunidhi 10:03:39 AM

Okay, but what are you going to do about it? $22 is a start, but that doesn't cover my time on this issue nor does it cover half the bill since I'm only getting half the speed. Giving me a credit doesn't fix my speed issue, what are you going to do about that?

A.K. 10:04:58 AM

Also, I can see that $22 has been credited in your current bill and your next bill would be after the adjustments will be $93.00

Sunidhi 10:05:58 AM

That credit is unrelated! That is because xfinity is giving everyone unlimited data and i'm already paying for it so they're giving people that are paying for it a discount.

A.K. 10:07:11 AM

I can understand and I am doing my best to help you on this and I have refreshing the signals so that you will get the actual speed, however if you have billing concern, we have a dedicated team, who can help you on this.

Sunidhi 10:07:47 AM

We need to talk to 2 people. Billing because as I explained that other $22 credit is for something else. Also an engineer to fix this problem.

A.K. 10:09:04 AM


A.K. 10:12:54 AM

I can understand what you are trying to say, however as I can see from my end the Internet speed is good and checking the modem.

Sunidhi 10:13:51 AM

I am here.

Sunidhi 10:13:59 AM

How can you verify my speed is good when I'm telling you otherwise? What's your proof?

A.K. 10:14:30 AM

If you're saying my speed is good on your end why would you offer me a $22 credit on my bill? You see how it very much sounds like you're lying to me right?

A.K. 10:15:30 AM

My friend is on xfinity 1 city over and he is having the exact same problem. It's not me, it's xfinity. It's also on the xfinity forums that people are complaining about this very same issue. It's sounds like maybe we should all pull together and file a class action lawsuit.

A.K. 10:16:57 AM

How about you connect me to someone higher up than you?

A.K. 10:17:43 AM

I am sorry for the inconvenience, this is the only resolution available from my end and if you want I can raise the ticket from my end so that you can get the actual speed

Sunidhi 10:18:15 AM

If you want I can connect the chat to my supervisor, shall I do that?

Sunidhi 10:18:35 AM

So you just admitted I'm not getting the speed. Yes, connect me to a supervisor please.

A.K. 10:19:10 AM

Sure, please allow me minute, please stay connected.

Sunidhi 10:19:33 AM

I would request you to stay connected as it will take 3-4 minutes to transferring the chat.

Sunidhi 10:23:42 AM

Not a problem.

A.K. 10:24:08 AM

Thank you.

Sunidhi 10:24:28 AM


Hello, My name is Rishab  and I am the available supervisor

    Please allow me couple of minutes to read your previous conversation.

Rishab 10:41:51 AM

Thank you.

A.K. 10:42:03 AM

As I can understand you are getting slow speed issue

Rishab 10:43:51 AM


A.K. 10:44:10 AM

So are a lot of people. My buddy is on the line with me to find out what is going to be done. He had a tech visit scheduled for a month and now they cancelled it on him. Understandably as we have a quarantine going on, but this problem started before the quarantines started.

A.K. 10:45:18 AM

I have checked your account and it shows that all possible trouble shooting has been done  on chat and for further trouble shooting you need to call  on our advance technical team 1800-934-6489

Rishab 10:46:17 AM

Why do I have to call and start all over again with someone new? Why can't a ticket be made and escalated? There was a ticket open last time I was on this chat a few weeks ago and nothing ever happened.

A.K. 10:47:22 AM

I am sorry but advance technical team is not available on chat, however I can create  a ticket  and you will get with in 48 to 72 hours

Rishab 10:47:59 AM

Okay, please provide me the ticket number once you have it.

A.K. 10:48:28 AM


Rishab 10:51:54 AM

CR Ticket #********

Rishab 10:56:46 AM

Got it.

A.K. 10:57:00 AM

In case you do not get any call, please call on 1800-934-6489

Rishab 10:57:07 AM




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1 y ago

. i pay good money for this service as a lot of folks do. how in the world could this be going on for so long without a resolution? i have no faith in these chat people. ok, maybe taking this a bit to far. oh come on, you laughed


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1 y ago

well if i was running it for a good portion of the year, then I'm guessing my equipment isn't the problem, but Comcast's is.


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1 y ago

I am having the exact same problem as everyone else. This service was great for several months, until about January. Then, something changed and my speeds went fromt the 980+ to over 1GB DL and 20-23 UL (I never did see the 30 upload I was supposed to be getting) and dropped all the way down to flucuating between the 400s and 600s dl. I let it go all this time because there were outages in the area, and it's a pretty regular thing in this area that in the beginning months of the year, they're supposedly doing work in the area, so we've come to expect periodic outages.

I finally decided it was time to get back up to the speed I am paying for and called Comcast about a week or so ago. Long story short and several calls later, I finally got the replacement modem today. And like everyone else, str8 router is up in the mid 800s, bridge mode drops to only about the 600s again. It's just crazy. Spk to Larry with their tech support and he tried to convince me that it's the USB C ports on my less than half a year old MBP, and when that wasn't working, he then asked me how my modem's power cable was plugged in; was it plug to a power strip or directly to the wall. When I told him it's in a UPS he suggested that could be the problem because of unsteady spikes and surges could cause the speeds to be all over the place. I could tell he didn't like me very much because in the beginning of the call, he had me run a speed test using the wifi with bridge mode off. When it got only around in the 500s, he said that was great because that means it's right where it's supposed to be at. I laughed. I couldn't help it. It was spontaneous because of what he said. The thought that wifi should be considered good at only half the speed I'm paying for is ludicrous to me! I'm using a Time Capsule and I never have problems with slow wifi speeds. Before all of this happened, when I was up to the speeds I'm paying for, my wife was constantly somewhere in the ballpark - 800s to 900s. That's reasonable. 500 is good???? Who shouldn't laugh at that notion.

Anyway, I'm out of options for how to proceed. I can only wait and hope someone finally succeeds in getting this resolved. My plan ends in May, so I need to find another plan soon also. Not sure how that's going to work out.

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