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Tue, Jun 2, 2020 1:00 PM

Frequent internet drops, brand new modem, have codes from the previous modem.

So we had a storm a few days ago, a surge had blown the coaxial cable tip to the house up and a technician came out to replace it. He also checked the internet box on the pole and tested it as well. He said everything looked good on his end. I was able to run a speedtest and everything appeared fine. Well since then my partner and I would be working from home and get random disconnects, the ARRIS 3.0 SB6190 I just replaced just now was having a ton of events happening that would cause disconnects so I replaced it with the ARRIS 3.1 SB8200. Well I thought everything was going smooth, I had Xfinity provision the modem and like magic we had internet again. But once we started viewing video calls and emails back and forth we would start getting random disconnects again, I know at one time we had this code on the new modem (Lost MDD Timeout).


I saw that user reversole713 posted on ‎04-11-2020 09:59 AM and was able to get assistance with this from ComcastMorgan here is the link:


I am frustrated because before the storm everything was smooth, we were able to run 3PC's for work and two cellphones without any disconnects. The technician came out Monday morning and said everything looked fine. But it isn't, the techs that ive chatted with from Xfinity had send status signals to my old modem and were telling me everything was fine. But I am not sure whats going on. Hope I can get some help, @reversole713 ,@ComcastMorgan @ComcastJK @ComcastJP anyone, someone! Thank you and stay safe. ARRIS 3.1 Event Codes  ARRIS 3.1 Status  ARRIS 3.0 1st list ARRIS 3.0 2nd List


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