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Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022 3:48 PM

Difference in download speeds on computer vs Apple streamer.

Overall very happy with new download speeds on my current "Blast" level plan.  I was getting a consistent 126 down and 12 up on my new Dell AIO, hardwired to the latest XFinity moden/router.  Now after the latest upgrade I am seeing consistent speeds of 500-600 down and the usual 12 up.  However, with my Apple streamer I am seeing 900-960 down, 12 up.  Just wondering what might account for the difference in download speeds?

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3 months ago


That is a great question, and it's amazing that the Apple streamer is getting speeds higher than what you are subscribed to. I've had it happen occasionally myself and there isn't really a clear reason. If you were subscribed to speeds of 900 Mbps and not receiving them that is something we would want to look into further. Please remember that we can only guarentee Internet speeds when your device is directly connected to the modem via an ethernet cable. 

Additional information about troubleshooting your Xfinity Wifi, please see here: https://forums.xfinity.com/conversations/internet/answered-how-to-improve-your-xfinity-wifi/602da486c5375f08cd804f16

Please let us know if you would like additional assistance troubleshooting your Wifi.


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