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Thu, May 21, 2020 6:00 PM

3% of I’m paying for.

I recently upgraded my internet to a 200mbps speed. When I first switched it did improve to about 75 mbps. After spending 45 minutes trying to talk to a real person they assured me it was fixed. Then my speed went down to 30. I upgraded my modem which increased it to 100 for about 4 days before it dropped again. Video calls for work cut out and made meetings infuriating as I constantly had to ask people to repeat themselves. Online video games were simply out of the question. My speeds have dropped even further so they clock in at around 6mbps. I have called comcast many times and spent 10 hours or more dealing with automated systems walking me through pointless troubleshooting only to be told by representatives that the issue is resolved or not returning calls or messages entirely. They usually increase the speed to less than half of what it’s supposed to be but some improvement. These improvements don’t last and I just ran a speed test, 6.7 mbps. I finally have a technician appointment, for a month from now. If Comcast didn’t have an unamerican undemocratic monopoly on fast internet where I live a switch in a heartbeat. AT&T only offers 75 mbps here. But I suppose it’s better than 6.



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1 y ago

Why is it Comcast’s fault, what AT&T. Two companies does not equal a monopoly. If you’re looking for help, state your modem and router models, post your modem levels, try troubleshooting or stating what you’ve done besides call customer service. Does the equipment you’re testing with have the capability to go over 100?

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