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Monday, November 14th, 2022 9:31 PM

xfinity stream

I have xfinity home internet at my home in michigan. when i go to my parents home to visit in florida I cant use xfinity stream on my dads desktop. he has xfinity internet only. when i sign into my xfinity account an select xfinity stream it starts to load an then it says clear your browsers cache. I cleared the cache many times but it still wont let me connect to watch any of my shows.

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3 months ago

That is certainly odd that you're having this issue with the Xfinity Stream application, @user_fa5f94. Have you had the chance to notice if the streaming issue happens in other locations as well or mainly at your parents home? Do you happen to have a mobile device to see if the stream works on there when at your parents home? Does it seem to be an issue with all channels/networks on the application or only specific networks? 

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