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Mon, Nov 18, 2019 9:00 AM

Streaming App Error

Error TVAPP-00100Error TVAPP-00100

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2 y ago

Getting Error TVAPP-00100.

Cleared Cache cookies and have user different browsers same problem.

Please assist.




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2 y ago

@Lanceinyopants wrote:

the image is not yet approved so we can't see it. what is the symptom? are you using a PC and the chrome browser? or are you using a smart device (apple or android) and the xfinity stream app? or are you using a Samsung/LG TV? a Roku? more information is needed.



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2 y ago

**Update 12/12/2019**


With the recent release of Chrome 79 we have verified that we can no longer replicate this issue. In the coming week, all impacted users should start to see this resolved. In order to facilitate this fix, we recommend waiting until your Chrome version updates or manually performing the update yourself. For additional information on how to update your Chrome version, see here:


Thank you again for your continued patience as we worked to resolve this. 



**Original Message 11/19/2019**


We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you are experiencing when attempting to use Xfinity Stream. We are currently investigating a possible bug in Chrome 78 that may be causing this. In the meantime, we recommend trying one of the following workarounds by either:

1. Disable hardware acceleration in Chrome. Settings > Advanced > Use hardware acceleration when available > OFF > restart Chrome.

2. Play the TV GO version of the On Demand item. From the More menu button (… icon), choose Watch Options > choose the TV GO option (usually at the bottom of the list).


Thank you in advance for your patience as we continue to work to resolve this permanently. 


Additionally, we recommend that you check to ensure your devices and web browser meets our minimum system requirements needed to use the Xfinity Stream website, found here:


Please note, not all web browsers/devices support the Xfinity Stream website. 

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