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Thu, Oct 14, 2021 3:05 PM

xFinity Stream is not working.

I cannot access any channels with my xFinity stream app. I have been paying for TV service for several years. I have tried using the xFinity Stream app with my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook (with Safari and Chrome). I have spent several hours on the phone and via chat with xFinity tech support. When I access xFinity Stream via the app I am only able to access “Sky News”, “Cheddar News”, “TasteMade”, and “Stingray Music”. When I try to access xFinity Stream via Safari and Chrome the page does not load. Please help.




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3 d ago

Same thing with me today.  Xfinity Has been working flawlessly for past 3 years on my Ipad....?

Our bundled Xfinity bill is paid, rebooted my Ipad, went on Xfinity help but helpless and then they ask "how did we do"......I said "failed to help".....they said "thanks"?    

It works on my TV with Roku?

Any suggestions?

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