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Xfinity Stream App

The Xfinity Stream App is terrible.  Too many times, regardless of whether I am on a separate wifi network, my home wifi network, or whether I download a program from the DVR to the app, the picture freezes and the audio continues to play.  This has happened so may times over the course of the years I have lost count.  I can stream other platforms seamlessly whether on my home wifi, other wifi or just a cellular connection, but I cannot even get the Xfinity stream app to reliably work even after downloading the program.  When will these issues be fixed and Xfinity have the reliability of other streaming platforms?

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3 months ago

Hi there @user_3q3hgb ! Thanks for reaching out to us on the Community Forums about your XFINITY Stream App issue. I would like to help get to the bottom of this! When you experience the freezing, what type of device is this happening on? Also, is it the case on multiple devices? When watching on a set top box, do those issues exist on the same programming as well?

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