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Sat, Jul 10, 2021 11:23 PM

Samsung Smart TV Xfinity beta app issues

I have the same issue:  New Samsung Frame TV.  Strangely, I can stream the app when I use the Xfinity account in my husband’s work apartment in another state. I linked/unlinked accounts thinking that might be it.  I have installed/uninstalled; powered off/on; and talked to service reps for the past month.  Every other app works splendidly. There has got to be an easy fix.  Operating through Eero as well.  

I would like to be able to watch local channels and live shows in MY timezone and not 2 zones away!

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21 d ago

Hello @user_b0b481, thank you for taking the time to reach out to us. I made your comment into a post due to the original comment being posted in an old thread from last year.

Just to clarify, does the application work when you are in your husband's work apartment or does the login for the work apartment account work in your current address? The application would appear to be experiencing issues due to being signed on with a login for a different account. 

The stream beta application only works when signed onto in the same Xfinity WiFi as the Xfinity account with access to cable.

Do you have our cable services at this home too?



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20 d ago

Thank you for responding. Husband uses cable and I have streaming through a separate Xfinity cable account. I tried linking the two accounts but it seems that’s just a convenience for billing, etc so I unlinked. 

My Xfinity was working when the techs left the house after we moved in. Husband returned to his apartment a few days later and his cable wasn’t working so he rebooted. His then worked and mine wouldn’t. Even though I was signed on with MY account and not his. 

I tried to keep the two accounts separate to avoid this. His is in HIS name with his log-in and mine is in my name with my log- in. Two separate service locations. But I use the same billing address and  I’m enrolled in auto-pay with the same credit card. 

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