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Mon, Sep 14, 2020 9:00 PM


Roku TVAPP error code 00207





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9 m ago

@mdmoss11 wrote:
Roku TVAPP error code 00207

it would help if you gave the error message that was displayed too. is the Roku at home connected via wifi to your own home internet? does a smart phone/tablet work when signed into the same internet connection at home?



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2 m ago

Since Sunday we have been receiving This Video Cannot Be Played (Error: TVAPP00207). Roku device updated and Xfinity streaming app removed and re-added. Still receiving same error. 


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Thank you so much for that information, @user_0718ec! We definitely want to get your Roku device working properly and you have definitely reached the right place for troubleshooting! I know how much my household loves streaming on our Roku! Just to confirm, you are having issues when connected to your in-home WiFi Network?

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