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RE: Channel won't delete from Favorites

Cannot delete CBN and Univision from my favorites. When I unstar them, it automatically restarts it within seconds. Neither are channels I would ever watch! Clearly Comast is manipulating my favorites to keep them on. As I’m not Spanish speaking there is no way I would ever watch Univision. I also would never watch the Christian Broadcasting Network. 

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5 months ago

Hello @user_krcs1x we want to ensure that you can properly manage your favorites and only have the channels you use listed! Are you not able to unfavorite these channels only on the Xfinity Stream app, or are you also unable to manage them on your cable box? Are you able to add/remove other channels to your favorites successfully? For the Xfinity Stream app, what is the make and model of the device you are using to access the app?

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8 days ago

I'm having the same problem.  MGM+ won't delete from favorites.  There is not even an option to delete it.  Only an option to subscribe to the channel.  I have chatted and spoken to xfinity reps and no one can help me.  They basically told me the only reason to remove the channel is to subscribe to it then remove it from favorites.  

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