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Sat, Mar 12, 2022 8:38 PM

Xfinity Mobile Activation and porting issues.

I just purchased a Motorola g pure from Xfinity mobile and I wanted to port my old number from my previous carrier Tracfone.

I've been running into multiple issues since starting the activation process.

. First I was told I needed a 4 digit pin from Tracfone and for them to release the phone before I could activate with Xfinity Mobile. 

. I called Tracfone and received the pin and was told my number was now released. 

. I contacted Xfinity CS back and was told that everything was fine and I just needed my account number from Tracfone. The account number from Tracfone is the IMEI for the phone. However, the agent that I spoke to insisted that that wasn't the account number? 

I tried searching on my Tracfone account to see if there was any other number that could possibly be the correct account number. I even tried contacting Tracfone CS to see if they could find the account number that the agent was referring to. Unfortunately, Tracfone lines were extremely busy. (both by phone & chat) 

. The Xfinity mobile agent was seeming like she was getting impatient so she told me "I'll just try to put in the IMEI number and see if it works" 

. I'm pretty sure it was the correct account number, but we ran into another issue regarding my zip code. I recently moved back in February and I had purchased my old Tracfone services when I was living at my old residence. She told me that my current zip code (which is tied to my Xfinity internet service) is showing up as incorrect? 

So I said okay, maybe somehow my old residence is still in the system? I gave her my old zip code, but the same issue was presented.

At this point, she told me that I can try calling Tracfone again on another day to see if they can give me the correct information. 

. Later that night I went to the Xfinity mobile site to see if I could change anything to get it to work. I entered my old address information and it actually went through. 

I received a message stating that my activation was in progress and it would take a few minutes for major carriers, and 24-72 hrs for smaller carriers. 

I would also receive an email if anything went wrong or when my activation was complete. 

Well, it's been 48 hours so far and my phone still hasn't been activated. I read on this forum that other people have experienced similar issues with porting their old numbers to Xfinity mobile. The sheer amount of horror stories of people waiting weeks, and constantly having to contact Xfinity customer service only to receive the runaround makes me extremely anxious and regretful that I ever tried to get this service in the first place. 

I'll update if anything changes. 




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FWIW, When I came over from Verizon last July, I forgot to turn off the port lock feature to prevent my phones from being ported without my authorization.  That cause this kind of delay and I had to actually talk to Verizon when we realized what the problem was.  In the mean time, my phone eventually worked but was not being billed monthly for the new phone cost nor was it being shown as using any data.  After hours and hours with XM support on the phone and chat, my phone no longer even shows on my account.  It works, so I guess I get a free ride, at least until I try to upgrade.  At that point I may try AT&T.



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Tier 1 agents either on chat or call wouldn't help at all. They all made me repeat the same thing on and on from the beginning and transferred me to someone at Tier 2, the advanced team(?). Tier 2 couldn't do anything better and ended up saying to wait another 25 minutes, 50 minutes, 4-5 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours, and 72 hours max. I would call, not get on chat, ask Tier 2 right off the bat, so they elevate the issue to Tier 3. For whatever reason, Tier 3 is not directly available for customers. At least, that's what a manager-level customer rep said.


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