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Mon, Sep 27, 2021 11:05 PM

Not receiving incoming calls for months!!!! Yes

This issue has been happening once a month since June 2021 . I’ll get random voicemails but no call came through or missed call in my call log. I’ll call customer service they’ll have me do the same thing over and over to the fact that I know what to expect when we troubleshoot. Rest network settings, remove SIM card then reinsert. The only thing that fixes it is when they suspend my line and reactivate it. I tried so many time to ask what is the problem, whats the source of this ongoing issue. Is it Xfinity mobile service, is it Apple, is it the device WHAT IS IT? No one knows and I’ve asked to get it escalated but everyone I talk to says it won’t happen again but it’s once a month now. Today I’m having the same issue and what normally fixes it isn’t anymore. Why am I pay over $200 for service to fight with the automated system to get an agent and then to have them suspend then reactivate my phone for it to work!!!!?????!!!! My phone is my life line and if I can’t receive calls and my mobile service can’t give me a permanent resolution I need to seek services elsewhere. So please assist with a permanent fix!!!!! 

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@user_8e27b2, I am so sorry that you seem to be having this issue with your phone! I can not even imagine how frustrating this must be, but we are happy to help you! I want to make sure though, is this for your cell phone, or is this with your home phone? If it is for your cell phone, you can give us a call at 888-936-4968. If it has to do with your home phone, you can also send me a DM here and if you have had any issue with your services after you reboot the modem, message me right here! 

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