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Sat, Jul 2, 2022 7:41 PM

Not getting a $10 discount for my internet after having active mobile plan

I had my internet service feb this year and The customer service offer that if get a mobile plan for as low as $15 I will get additional $10 off on my internet which I did however That discount never applied on my internet called customer service for the internet advised we need to call mobile Xfinity to request for that discount come june still nothing getting the $10 discount on my internet so I called Xfinity mobile this time following the advised of the Xfinity internet. Call the Xfinity mobile rep it was great she notice that the discount did not apply so request a $10 off right away and assure us that the $10 discount will automatically applied on my internet check my bill this June and the $10 discount not showing again so I call mobile billing and the customer service Luisa [Edited: "Language"]. She said she cant apply it that I need to call the internet which I did before advised to check the notes since I called last month for the same reason. The customer service keep on explaining the same thing ask for the reference number so I know that she properly document everything but she did not. I even asked for a supervisor and she said no one available again offer to transfer to Xfinity internet then she hang up very Rude she can’t explain why The last rep from Xfinity mobile can do it while she cant.

she also says before hanging up that $10 discount is for the landline which I know just an excuse since I get a flyer on my mail box offer to get a mobile to get additional $10 off on my internet. It makes Us feel that we’re stupid with the way Luisa Explain as if we don’t know how to comprehend what is written on the flyer. 

anyway. Pls help me, I getting frustrated with this I don’t want to call each month for the $10 discount for my internet the reason why I get the plan is for the $10 discount on my internet. 


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Hi there! For mobile inquiries, we do have our amazing mobile team that can handle your request and you can reach out to our Mobile team through these options: 

SMS Text Message: 1 (888) 936-4968

Phone: 1 (888) 936-4968

Chat: https://comca.st/3Nd0HD3


Let me know if you have any issues! 



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Ok let me see if i can help. You signed up for internet in Feb, but when did you activate an xfinity mobile account. Because there is a time limit to this. Next if they said they applied it it may not show up until next billing cycle as the current bill is already printed.  If you followed all guidelines and activated the mobile within eligible time frame for the promo you will get the promo. However I see one error but I may be wrong. Most of the past promos required you to sign up for the Unlimited mobile plan to receive discount. Only the current last 6 weeks promo offers the $10 off for by the Gig and $30 off is you sign up for Unlimited. If you you signed up for the unlimited phone plan and the promo was $30 a month off your internet bill then effectively your paying $15 month for cell service as the $30 credit means you pay out of pocked $15 month. But again if you didn't sign up for Unlimited service then you will get no discount.

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