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Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023 4:04 PM

False free Mobile promotion offer from Xfinity agent

On 13Feb2023, when called Xfinity for more options on my home internet plans, the Xfinity agent offered me Mobile promotion plan of iPhone SE, free of cost with no device payments. If I take it, this will eventually reduce my home internet bill. So I agreed to the offer over phone and paid the one time tax for iPhone SE. The new phone arrived within few days with Xfinity number, but in next billing cycle I saw Xfinity billed me device payment and ever since then is billing me every month.

When called Xfinity customer care, the agent mentioned that I was miss informed from the Xfinity agent about the promotion and it only works when I port number from other service providers. Since Xfinity provided the new number to me, I was not eligible for the offer and it was the agents mistake that they did not informed about this to me. The agent created a service ticket on 06March2023 to resolve my issue but its still not resolved. There are 3 more tickets created as the other tickets were closed not sure what was the reason. Xfinity did not provided me any communication about these tickets or my issue is being addressed. After calling them almost 16 times in these 2 months, they are still not able to resolve the issue.

Every agent gives different information, one said to return the phone in Xfinity store but the store did not accept it since it was more than 14 days. One agent said to go to Fedex and ask for unsolicited label to return the phone, but Fedex cannot accept unless there was any barcode/QR code to print. One agent also offered to refund $150 and close the line, but never received any communication in email or text about it. One agent said they cannot print return label as the system does not allows to do so. Unless the phone is returned Xfinity cannot issue the refund to me and Xfinity is not able to print the return label too.

So my question to Xfinity is how do you resolve such case? I never wanted a free phone at first, I only had called for my home internet and your agent sold me this phone with false information about the promotion. So now I'm paying the mobile device payment every month which will cost me around $450 overall which I never wished for! 

Ticket # ECM0000597405, ECM0001180364, ECM0001551843

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15 days ago

@nimesh43599 I appreciate you taking time out of your day and want to ensure you’re able to get in touch with an awesome Xfinity Mobile expert to help get this resolved. Due to account security, our options with Xfinity Mobile accounts are very limited. We're unable to perform any device or account specific requests over this platform. Please call or text 1 (888) 936-4968, or reached out to our secure online chat - https://www.xfinity.com/xfinityassistant/?channel=xMobile - where a Xfinity Mobile expert is available 24/7.



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@XfinityHeather​ I received call from Xfinity and spoke to a supervisor. The supervisor mentioned the same thing that Xfinity is not able to print return label and cannot issue any refund. I will have to keep on making the payments every month. The supervisor was reluctant to look for any other options and kept on saying there’s nothing that we can do about it.

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Thanks for letting us know. Can you initiate a direct message and start with your full name and address? To start a message, you must be signed in. Please click the envelope icon in the top right of the page next to the bell, and send your message to "Xfinity Support". Talk to you there!

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10 days ago

It's pretty much the same situation with me!  

I accepted a free iPhone SE offer in early-February.  I'd get the second device after paying taxes on it up front.  I'd share data for that device with my first phone (Samsung Flip 4).   I only did it to have spare phone, and to be able to use Apple Watch that has sat idle for a few years.     There was a problem from the start with the porting (my no longer active Xfinity Landline was to be the number ported to new phone).   I thought it was finally worked out by early-March.   However, my last bill included a charge for the phone payment, as if I am paying it off each month for two years.   I phoned Xfinity Mobile (not an easy task reaching a human, as one has to jump through five hoops first). 

I was last week given impression that I did not get a free phone, but rather a second line with shared data on a new device which I have to pay for.  I said that's ridiculous.   I was certain the phone was to be free (only taxes for device paid up front), and that I'd not be charged an additional cent for it.   

They said number was not ported properly, thus the iPhone must now be purchased by me.   I exclaimed that is not my fault!  That matter was to have been sorted out months ago, but apparently was not.  

I did finally get a $17+ credit for the unwarranted installment charge last week.  However, this week, I see a new bill has been generated (to be paid in early-July), with me being charged well over $400 for the remaining balance of the iPhone SE!

I really think this is a bate-and-switch fraud!   I see others are reporting  various and sundry problems with free phone offers from Xfinity Mobile.     Perhaps the expectation is a Customer will just give up over the frustration and pay for the device?   

Again, I'm trying to reach Customer Service, and once again am going through the hoops where they make send you a text message that allegedly will solves problems, but only puts a Customer in a feedback loop.   

I've well and truly had it!   

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