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Tue, Sep 22, 2020 3:00 PM

xFi Advanced Security is blocking my website

One of my website domains is being blocked by xFi Advanced Security. The website is accessed with no issues from mobile networks or when I have this featured disabled, but when i turn on xFi Advanced Security, I get a message (different depending on the browser) about not being able to load the page because a secure connection cannot be established. The SSL certificate is active, so no real reason to why it's being marked unsafe.


How can I fix this? any help will be appreciated.


I looked around the forum and found no concrete answer.


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9 m ago

I'm having this same problem. After checking my host and domain accounts, and searching to see if I'm on any block lists, it's clear that Comcast's xFi Advanced Security is the culprit. Now that I turned it off, I can see my sites again, but I can't put out advertising that informs Comcast users that they need to disable it in order to view my business web site.

After reading through this forum, I found that MANY people (and probably many other web site owners who don't even know because they don't use Comcast) are experiencing this problem since February and still Comcast has not enacted a solution other than to tell us to contact them to get our web sites onto a white list. (See corroborating thread Solved: xFi Advanced Security is blocking my company's website - Xfinity Help and Support Forums - 3305727) )


So, I called Comcast customer service today. Do not allow rep #1 to waste your time with trouble shooting. I was quickly tranferred to rep #2 who basically said I knew more about it then he did and transferred me to Internet Tech and rep #3. He understood the problem but had to transfer me to Security Level 1, rep #4 , who told me I'd have to talk to Security Level 2, but she couldn't transfer me. I am now expecting Security Level 2 to call tomorrow.

I hope you will call and make an impatient stink, like I did. I think it's outrageous that this apparently well documented problem has been allowed to go unresolved for more than six months. I also want to know by what standard or which block list they have determined my 20 year old web site to be so unsafe that it will not allow the content to be displayed.

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