Sunday, December 24th, 2023 2:58 PM

Misleading Xfinity app survey

I just finished working with an Xfinity tech, Abhishek, who was incredibly helpful. Abhishek solved my cable issue successfully and efficiently and asked that I complete a survey, which I was happy to do. The question asked was something like, "Thinking of your chat, how likely are you to recommend Xfinity?" To me, this question is asking me to rate Xfinity as a provider, and I gave a 5 of 10, as I have multiple issues with Xfinity as a company. However, it seems that this rating was actually applied to Abhishek's service, which for me should have been a 10/10. I really hope I didn't unintentionally give a bad rating to Abhishek, because he was truly excellent.

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5 months ago

@user_hbt552 thank you for letting us know and no need to worry about the survey. We appreciate you for letting us know about the wonderful work and what happened with your survey tho. Thank you! 

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