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Mon, Apr 20, 2020 12:00 PM


XRE-03121 Error

I am getting this XRE-03121 error whenever I turn on the weather channel (847 or 1102).

I did Sytem Refresh as suggested by the Customer Tech Service Rep. Then same Customer Service requested a new box, which I received and of course the Error XRE-03121 is still showing.

Is there anyone can tell me how to get this error to go away?

I think I should go back to local TV and forget cable. 


Edit to add: Comcast automated system called me today (April 21st) and say the system only needs refresh.......seriously my cable box has been refresh so many times, its practically non existent anymore. I think Comcast insist on System Refresh so they  so they dont have to fix the problem. Oh well.


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