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Saturday, April 2nd, 2022 7:44 AM


XRE-03121 and Bad CableCard

Hello, I need some help.

My DVR (Model XG1v3-P) has been acting up. It keeps giving me error XRE-03121 and upon checking the diagnostics, apparently the CableCard isn't working properly with the message:

"URL: 'CableCARD//ca/ca'

Cable-Card Did Not Respond

Cable-Card may need fixed firmware.

FW Ver: '07.17' / 0x0717"

This also causes my secondary XiD-P box to have the same XRE-03121 error and I know this because unplugging the DVR makes the XiD start working off the internet. If anyone can help this would be great.

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2 years ago

... (Model XG1v3-P) ... XRE-03121 ... Cable-Card Did Not Respond ...

If unplugging the box for a minute or so doesn't clear the problem, you'll probably have to swap it out. I don't believe Comcast replaces CableCards in their equipment in the field. See for the locations of Service Centers and Xfinity Stores where you may be able to find a replacement box.

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@BruceW​ it's very odd as during early morning/late at night sometimes it will let me through but during the day the CableCard error comes back, some channels don't work, and the XiD stops working.

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Hi @BHelms07. Please try unplugging your cable box and plugging it back in. This will communicate with our system and download any updates that may have been stuck. Please let us know what the outcome is!

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