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Fri, Oct 9, 2020 5:00 AM

XR-15 remote

Mostly just a comment and review - I do not like the new XR-15 remote. Buttons are too small and too close together and lighting does not stay on long enough. I have arthritis in my hands and much prefer the old XR-11 remote.  Why does everyone think smaller and slimmer is necessarily a better product?  



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7 m ago

I like the old XR11 remote better also. I have an HD DVR and two HD cable boxes. I am still using XR11 remotes with all of them.


I just like the buttons on the XR11 better on than the corresponding ones on the XR15.


When I picked up the last cable box it came with an XR15 remote. The Xfinity store said that is the only remote they had. However, a little persuation got them to check in the back to look through the collection of returned equipment they had. They managed to find an old XR11 and gave it to me. When I got home I used the XR15 just long enough to set up the cable box. I managed to find in the setup how to pair a new remote. I used that to pair the old XR11 I got. I then threw the XR15 in a drawer.


The biggest problem the XR11 had was it ate batteries. The batteries usually lasted 2-3 months but sometimes the batteries would only last 1 month.  Note I use Duacell batteries.


I have a feeling Comcast replaced the XR11 with the XR15 was because of economics. The XR15 probably uses less power than the XR11 resulting in a longer battery life. But for Comcast the deciding factor was that the XR15 was probably cheaper to buy.


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