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Sat, Jul 31, 2021 7:44 AM

XiD-C tv box overheating message

Twice I’ve gotten a message on my tv that the box was overheating and to ensure there was proper ventilation. Ventilation is not a problem. I changed the power strip that everything was plugged into for a newer model. I was thinking I could got to the store and exchange the box and the COAX cable. I’ve seen somewhere in these discussions group that the COAX is the problem. Has anyone had experience like this?


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2 m ago

Hi, @user_331cc3! Is the cable box in an enclosed cabinet in your TV stand by any chance? If the cable box is an open area with enough ventilation, I recommend exchanging the cable box. You can find an Xfinity store location here, or we can also ship a replacement out to you. If you would like for us to ship the cable box to you, please send us a chat so we can assist you with this. To do so, please click the Peer to Peer chat icon at the top right of the page, click on the pen and pad icon and enter Xfinity Support in the "To" section of the chat and provide us with your first and last name.

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