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XiD-C not connecting

I have a new XiD-C box and tried installing yesterday. It loaded, but the picture was frozen and the error said it could not make an internet connection. I understand that because I don't use internet on this TV. And, I thought the MiD-C was not wifi anyway.  I have unplugged everything and reinstalled, but all I get now is "Sorry, there seems to be some trouble. Tighten your cable connections and then restart your TV box." I did that 3 times yesterday, and twice again today, and still get the same response. The old box still works and I'm just about to take the new one back. How can I fix this, please?


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6 months ago

Thank you for reaching out @user_e7755f. It's a bummer to hear about the trouble with your new cable box.

I want to make sure we are respecting your time and not repeat the steps you have taken previously. What additional troubleshooting steps have you taken outside of checking the cables and reboot? Do you know if the order for the new box has completed and you followed the steps to activate the box?


I also wanted to make sure you are aware that any time you need to troubleshoot our Xfinity app can assist you step by step. It is not just to pay your bill or to get notifications about interruptions. To learn how to troubleshoot in the future you can follow the link: https://www.xfinity.com/support/articles/using-xfinity-app. Honestly, it is the best app to date that we offer and super easy to use for all of your account needs!

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