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Sun, Oct 27, 2019 4:00 PM

Xi6-T 4k - Incorrect audio

This past weekend I upgraded my DVR service at home now that I'm adding a 4K TV set to the house. I previously had 1 DVR and 1 non-DVR (forget the model offhand). I went to my location Xfinity store and received 1 new DVR (X1Gv4-A) and 2 non-DVRs (Xi6-T).


I first hooked one up one of the new Xi6-T on my newest 4K TV. Everything detected properly, shows as 4kp60 and audio detects as Dolby Digital Plus (auto-detect, but also does the same under "Expert"). This is connected to a Denon AVR-X4500H. Upon finishing setup, I found that *every* channel was only playing audio in Stereo despite the Xi6-T and my receiver showing Dolby Digital Plus.




The picture above shows the Xi6-T configuration along with the receiver information screen. You can see that it's detecting the correct stream and full 5.1 surround (input and output). Despite what you see on screen, it's only outputting in stereo.


After hours of troubleshooting, I finally decided maybe I need the new DVR hooked up. Got that hooked up, everything went without a hitch. The DVR is connected to a Marantz receiver and both the cable box and receiver show "Dolby Digital 5.1". Sound is correct on this setup and playing full 5.1 surround.


I then went to the 3rd room and hooked up my 2nd Xi6-T...same issues on this one. This unit is connected to a Samsung 3.1 channel soundbar, so it does have a proper center channel. When hooked up, the Xi6-T shows "Dolby Digital 5.1" but also only actually outputs in stereo.


Final troubleshooting step...I took this same Xi6-T and plugged it into the same HDMI cable feeding the DVR. Now it detects on the Xi6-T as "Dolby Digital 5.1" and my receiver shows the same...however, now it's only playing in stereo. I plug the HDMI cable back into the DVR, same channel, full and correct 5.1 surround.


There is clearly an issue with the Xi6-T. Anyone have any recommendations? Would like to know if anyone else is encountering this issue. Very frustating to say the least. I would rather have correct audio than 4K at this point...I'm regretting replacing these boxes.


Release Version: 104.1.1

Release Timestamp: 10/16/19 3:47 PM

XRE Protocol Version: 2.8.0

Receiver: Native version: 3.10.0

STB Timestamp: Fri 23 Aug 2019 06:15:37 AM UTC

STB Version: TX061AEI_3.10p2s1_PROD_sey

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1 y ago

Yes, I've tried that setting and the auto-select (DD+).  Still nothing coming from the center channel with either one, for channels that should be more than stereo.  I opened the Netflix app on the xi6, and 5.1 works fine.  Any other thoughts?

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