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Mon, Oct 28, 2019 3:00 AM

Xi6 Box Ethernet port

This question was started here https://forums.xfinity.com/t5/X1/Xi5-amp-Xi6-boxes-Are-the-ethernet-ports-usable/td-p/3173725 but a definitive answer was never published.


Similar situation - I have an Xi6 box connected via Ethernet and my XB6 is in bridge mode.

The Xi6 *WILL* successfully setup and configure itself and I *CAN* watch live TV.  However, it seems roughly once a day when I turn on the TV and box, I get greeted with an XRE-10007 error.  Clicking on the "Try again" will cause it to succeed in pulling one of the tuners form the X1 DVR elsewhere in the house.


My setup is:

XB6 in bridge mode connected to a Ubiquiti ER-4.  I have two Ubiquiti Wi-fi access points, one directly connected.  The other is at the opposite corner of the house.  There's a pair of MoCA adapters in the mix that allow me to extend the home network's Ethernet to opposite corners of the house.


What appears to be semi-working is the Xi6 will connect via Ethernet (never tried WiFi) and then take advantage of its nearest MoCA adapter to reach the X1 DVR.  However, after the Xi6 is idle for about a day, it will seemingly drop the connection and give the XRE-10007 error.


Anyone have this type of configuration working?  Xi6 connected via WiFi or Ethernet with their gateway in bridge mode?  I know it is not officially supported, but there doesn't seem to be a TECHNICAL reason for it to not work.  Especially since the Xi6 is the same box used for the Flex service and we can also use the Xfinity stream app to watch our cable channels without pulling a dedicated tuner off the X1 DVR.  Seems more like a restriction due to the potential for varrying home network configurations than anything technical.



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2 y ago

Since I haven't seen any replies as of yet, I continued to do some research and came up with an answer on my own:


Short answer:  You CAN use the Xi6 box over Ethernet or WiFi with your XB6 gateway in bridge mode.  It is not likely going to be a supported configuration though.  The only requirement is that you have a SINGLE MoCA adapter (bridge MoCA to Ethernet) on your network to allow the Xi6 to reach the X1 DVR to pull a tuner for live TV.


My original configuration had a pair of MoCA adapters that I was using to extend my home network from the basement up to the 1st floor.  My XB6 gateway is in bridge mode.  The Xi6 worked over either WiFi or Ethernet, but after being in standby mode for about 12-14 hours, it would give me an XRE-10007 error.  What appeared to be happening was the MoCA adapter(s) were dropping off from the X1 DVR box in the MoCA network because there was no traffic to it and they were already paired with each other.  The MoCA adapters and the X1 DVR were all using the same frequency on the coax cable to communicate.


At this point, I had 2 options:  Change the operating frequency of the MoCA adapters (and install a THIRD adapter to pair with the X1 box) or see if I could run an Ethernet cable between the floors.  I opted for the later option and now have Ethernet throughout for the data networking and use a single MoCA adapter to pair to the X1.


The end result is that the Xi6 works just fine, and has been stable for the past week in this configuration.

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