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Saturday, March 18th, 2023 10:35 PM

Xi6 as Primary

​I have the Xfinity XB8 gateway, and according to the Xfinity website, customers who have a leased gateway can use their Internet TV Box (Xi6 for me) as their primary TV Box. The person I spoke to at the Xfinity store told me this was not possible. Is this true, or can I use an Xi6 as my primary? I’m become very confused.​

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7 days ago

If I'm understanding you correct the one you have now and the one that is being sent then the main xg2 box. 


Everyone that you talked to is right in the correct circumstances. I do want to provide the correct info and set the proper expectation and provide some clarification.


There are account that have the video feed coming by Ip, and they are able to have a xi6 as the main box no additional equipment. 


In your case the signal in not IP based and you dill need at lease one additional XG1, XG2 or XG1v4 TV Box on your account. 


The Xi6 can be used as the main box you use but you will need at lease one of the following XG1, XG2 or XG1v4 TV Box.


I hope this helps. 



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thanks for your answer. The website is a bit misleading on what works it seems.

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