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Thu, Jun 23, 2022 5:06 AM


So if it's a known issue that these Xg2v2-s boxes are outdated and do not work with all the apps like paramount+ why are they still being given to customers. We pay alot for xfinity and equipment should work. I was just given new equipment 30 days ago when I moved. Per the forums this has been a known issue for a while. 




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There are two versions of the XG2v2 boxes, the XG2v2-S and the XG2v2-P. The XG2v2-S made by Samsung, is an outdated box that doesn't work with some apps and should not be passed out by Comcast. The XG2v2-P made by Pace, is the current box that should be passed out by Comcast and should work with the apps. I would return the -S box and get a -P box. If Comcast gave you wrong outdated equipment, make sure you get some type of credit for it.

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