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Fri, Jul 29, 2022 2:15 PM

XG2v2-P Performance Issues

I have had an XG2v2-P box with 3 XiD-P boxes for three years along with Xfinity's gig internet. While the XiD boxes are rock solid, the XG2 box has been anything but. We have tolerated intermittent black screen, freezing, delayed response to remote commands, and intermittently inoperative voice controls. Multiple reboots, system resets, etc. are not systemically productive. I finally got fed up with it when attempting to use the X1 Netflix app instead of the TV-installed one on the XG2 box TV in the den - the sluggishness was not even close to being acceptable.  Same with Prime Video. However, when using the X1 apps on any of the XiD boxes everything works great. I exchanged the XG2 box at the local store after discussing the issue with the rep. The result is that the new (refurbed XG2v2-P) is possibly a little bit better but the nail in the coffin was attempting to watch shows on Paramount; the delay in remote commands is ridiculous, upwards of 8 seconds at times. Again the XiD boxes are very responsive and totally usable. The issue is the clunky XG2 box.

It appears the XG2 is just old and outdated tech. Before I throw in the towel, is there an up-to-date box with a decent processor with multiple tuners (with cloud DVR) available?



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13 d ago

The replacement XG1v4 box xfinity supplied has resolved all issues.


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20 d ago

If you can, try to get the XG1v4. It's their best box, but often in short supply. They may even still have the XG1v3, which is OK.

The XG2v2's are pathetic and vastly underpowered. I think your Xi boxes use the XG2 as their tuner, so you do need at least one 'real' cable box.

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18 d ago

Hello, and thank you for reaching out for help with upgrading your equipment. I know how frustrating it can be to have latency issues, and we can help take a look at making a change. To begin, send me a private message.


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