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Tue, Apr 14, 2020 4:00 AM


XG1v4 DVR Cable Box Purchase



Where can I buy an XG1v4 Cable Box or similar DVR and non-DVR Cable Box outright, so I don't have to pay this additional monthly fee for cable box use?


I went on Best Buy online and Amazon, but nothing.  All my searches ended up with regular Digital DVR for regular on-air broadcasting NOT for Comcast Xfinity Service.


I found a bunch of used cable boxes on eBay, but I'm sure Comcast blocks them.


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2 y ago

Nope, it’s all rental. If you see them for sale anywhere, buyer beware the equipment is either stolen or never returned. If you don’t want to rent equipment use the Xfinity Stream app on a Roku

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2 y ago

Thanks for a quick reply.


During selection of equipment for new service. They give one the option to rent or use a third party equipement.


I bought an Harris Surfboard Modem from Amazon for Internet service 2 years ago. I thought I could have done the same for their TV service.


Do they sell their equipment outright, so I won't have to pay $25+  for 5 TVs for ever?

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