Tuesday, April 9th, 2024 1:44 AM

XG1V4 Died and Replaced with XG1V3 -- But I need 4K!

After weeks of bad behavior, my XG1V4 finally died (hung on the welcome screen), and (after a long painful process) I managed to get a tech to come out.

He swapped my XG1V4 (which he took away with him) with an XG1V3, which was "the same, but it doesn't support 4K" -- I explained that I *needed* 4K. Finally, he called and arranged to have a 4K box sent to me. I got it: It's an Xi6, and it came with a $15 self-install charge, and an extra $10/month charge for a second cable box. I already have one Xi6, thank you.  I don't need a second. I need a new proper cable-connected DVR box.

What I need is: A new XG1V4 to replace my old, dead, XG1V4.  And I need to return the XG1V3 that the tech left with me, and the (second) Xi6 which I don't want or need.

I spent hours, literally, chatting with that silly AI thing, and then eventually on the phone with a person... who was very nice, but really not at all helpful.

Help!??  Pleeez?



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2 months ago

Do you have an Xinity store anywhere near?  You can return them there.  Getting an XG1v4 at store is a challenge though.   Most don't have them.  And, it seems like there aren't any new ones.  I've received several replacements and they are all used.


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