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Monday, August 6th, 2018 7:00 AM


XG1V4 box HDMI handshake problem

I have seen several messages/questions in this forum about problems with the XG1V4 box losing its HDMI connection with the TV. But in none of those threads does there appear to be a resolution, so I am going to try to bring up the question/problem again.


My setup:

XG1V4 connected via UHD high-speed HDMI cable to Samsung UN65JU6500 TV.



The TV and XG1V4 work fine together for the whole day. Then, the next morning, when I turn the TV on I get a black screen. I can resolve the problem by rebooting the XG1V4 (obviously not an acceptable way of dealing with the problem). Occassionally, without needing to reboot, I can get the box and the TV to communicate correctly by first connecting the XG1V4 to a much older non-UHD Samsung TV, getting that TV to show correctly, and then connecting the XG1V4 to the UN65JU6500. But that doesn't always work. In any event, even when I do get it to work correctly, it quits working again the next morning. Rinse and repeat.


Elsewhere on these forums there have been a couple of suggested fixes. First, turn off PowerSave. I have done that. Second, make sure you have a UHD high-speed cable. I have done that.  Third, make sure that you have the latest firmware on the TV and on the XG1V4 box. I have done that.


From reading the various threads on this issue, it appears that it is an HDCP 2.2 issue that is causing the XG1V4 and the TV to have a problem establishing an HDMI handshake. And several Comcast employees suggested that the problem has been sent back to the tech folks to find a solution. But unless I have missed it, I don't see any notice of a resolution.....

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4 years ago

I've been having the HDMI handshake issue since mid-2019. If I switch inputs on my Samsung TV to something else and back or unplug/plug the HDMI back in, the feed instantly returns. 
Replacement of the X1 box and all HDMI cables made no difference, seems to be an inherent flaw and making me want another provider when my contact is up. 
Lowering the video to 1080p did not seem to resolve the issue for me as I saw mentioned, not that I'd be satisfied with that workaround. 



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4 years ago

The problem is likely different timing between the x1 and TV as they come out of sleep/low power mode so you might try adjusting setting on one or both ends.  Or checking for updated firmware for the TV.


You might actually get the best picture on most xfinity content by setting the X1 to 720p and letting the TV upscale instead of the X1, but if you watch Amazon or Netflix you'll probably want it set at 4k.

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