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Fri, Aug 14, 2020 4:00 PM

XG1-A box kept rebooting, found a solution.

I think I found the solution, if this helps others. Mine would work for an hour or two and then go into an endless reboot loop. Ended up killing power before bed and then before leaving for work in order to get any time out of it. Was told I needed a new box, made an appointment only to get a call from Xfinity days later saying they fixed it on their end and appointment wasn't necessary. It lasted for a few hours and started again. It occurred to me that it simply would overheat after working for a few hours. Disconnected it completely and felt the right side underneath the box was warm. Not excessively but enough. Let it cool off, reconnected, and then stood the box on it's left side. Literally on its side with nothing around it. Been working so far for days, which it hasn't done in weeks. Hope this helps...


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