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Sun, Mar 1, 2020 5:00 PM

Xfinity X1

This may be a silly question but does having XI mean that there is a different set top box? Our bill says we have X1, but it seems like our equipment is out of date. Does getting X1 mean having a  new remote and box? Thanks for any answer. Tried to connect with Comcast, but wasn't successful. Ellen



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1 y ago

X1 has been around a long time, what box do you currently have?

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1 y ago

Here is an overview of the different X1 boxes.   If your's isn't one of these you don't have X1 hardware.  It mostly only matters if you have multiple TVs so you can access the same recorded content or if you want to use the internet apps (Netflix/Amazon Video/YouTube, etc.).   If you need to swap, the xg1v4 is probably the best of the bunch, especially if you have a 4k TV.


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