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Sun, Sep 6, 2020 11:00 AM


Xfinity tv box auto dims?

My tv box dims on dark scenes and brightens during light scenes while watching.

I have a roku smart tv and I recently just connected my xfinity tv box to it. I want to use the tv box because you can connect an Ethernet cord to it making the connecting speed faster. The problem is I've noticed that when using the tv box when the content on the screen is dark, it dims the display and when the content is light it makes it brighter.

This is a stupid feature for many reasons:

1. It affects menus, not just watching a show. Most menus are black so the screen will auto dim to really dark making it difficult to see.

2. It happens constantly and isn't even subtle. If I'm watching a show and there is a black person in the scene, the screen dims so much that you can barely see what's going on. Terrible.

3. If anything it might be a good feature to dim really bright scenes and brighten dark scenes to balance out difficult to see areas in like a horror video game or something but this only affects the tv box and it makes dark scenes even darker and more difficult to see.

4. I've gone through all the settings and there is not a seeing to turn this setting off. I can't imagine how people can watch tv like this.

Had anyone else had this problem? Is there a setting I'm not seeing? Is there a way to program it to not do this?

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1 y ago

Are you sure it’s not the tv?

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