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Mon, Jan 4, 2021 6:00 AM

Xfinity Cable MAJOR DELAY

Recently moved into my new place and had xfinity install wifi and cable boxes. I recently noticed that I have NO cable wires in the house and all the xi5 boxes are being run off the wifi. My internet has been fine but I've noticed that live TV is a full 50 seconds delay. I find that pretty unacceptable considering I pay around $200 a month for this. I feel like I could get probably better quality service if I switch to a streaming service at this point. Has anyone had this issue before?



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5 m ago

Are you saying the audio doesn’t line up with the video by 50 seconds? Sorry your post isn’t clear you just say delay

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5 m ago

Hi, @Tyler128, this is a significant delay and we need to get this fixed for you. I apologize service is not working well at your new place. Please click on my username and use the send message option to include your name and service address so I can take the right steps to get your Xfinity cable service working to the quality we all expect. 

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