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Fri, Jul 23, 2021 12:18 AM

X15 remote input not working

I have an X15 remote and am trying to get it fully paired with my Hisense TV. I followed the onscreen instructions for remote pairing, and am able to use the remote to control TV power and volume without issue. However, when I press the “Input” button nothing happens. I tried a factory reset of the remote by pressing and holding A and D and imputing 9-8-1, then repeated the pairing process. Again it allows control of power and volume but will not control TV input. What else can I try or will it just not control input for the Hisense? Thank you. 


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2 m ago

Hello @user_e64ef7! Thank you for reaching out here in our Communities! I apologize for the trouble setting up your XR15 remote. It sounds like you followed the instructions how your were supposed to. It also looks like the process you followed for the factory reset was correct as well. What I can suggest is to try the different five-digit codes listed for the TV manufacturer to see if another one works better. I am showing two different options for the Hisense TVs. One is showing regular and the other Hisense-Roku. I'm not sure which one you have, but this could mean different code options as well. Here: https://comca.st/3zwDIuP is the link to the remote setup with the different codes. Please try these and let us know how it goes. Thanks! 

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