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Mon, Dec 28, 2020 10:00 AM

X15 Not Controlling Volume/Power

I have a TV in front with a cable box, and a TV in back with the new little box.  The front remote pairs with the box and TV fine, but the back only paors with the box, and not the TV.

I tired the 981 reset, the Xfin+Mute, the Xfin+Info and it does not want to pair with the Westinghouse Roku TV in the back???

I did notice that the 3 digit code showed on the front TV one time I tried to pair the Remote to TV in the back??  But no code showed on the Westinghouse TV in the back???

No codes appear, and when I follow on screen instuctions, it asks for the make, I put in Westinghouse, and it say "looking for Problem", and then just returns to the prior screen looking for make again??



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6 m ago

I meant XR15!

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5 m ago

Thank you for letting us know, I'm sure this has been frustrating! When looking at the Remote Pairing guide for the XR15, I noticed that there is both Westinghouse and White Westinghouse listed as brands; is it possible that the TV is a White Westinghouse? 

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