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Thu, Aug 13, 2020 8:00 PM

X1 Upgrade issues

Upgraded our service to X1 gigabit from 300 last week. We have the following boxes:

PX051AEI-wireless box in extra room
PX013ANM-DVR (I believe they told me to return this one)

They then sent me 2 PXD01ANI.

I have tried plugging these in and I get DVR access on one but no live TV. The other we haven’t activated yet.

We plugged back in the DVR box and get life TV. It also works on the wireless box. We planned to keep the wireless box and switch out the DVR for the new one and put the other in an additional room. I have done a system refresh, multiple restarts and nothing.

We were notified of an outage earlier this week that says it’s been resolved and internet works fine. Any one have any thoughts?


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