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Sun, Dec 20, 2020 11:00 AM


X1 TV DVR broken - which option to keep older physical recordings

Our X1 TV DVR set top box failed. When power-cycled, it displays the welcome screen, displays boot, PST on screen and then displays a blue screen. There is no video, no response. It was working fine until last Wednesday. Went to bed, and turned on the TV Thursday morning, and saw a blue screen.


Is there any way to fix the blue screen problem? It looks like changing the TV set top box will result in a loss of all recordings done in 2018 and 2019 which is very important to us to keep.


Here are all the options to let us watch the TV as well as keep the older physical recordings.


Option 1: As above, fix the set top box.  Not sure if this is even feasible. Will Comcast service fix it and return it with contents untouched?  That doesn't seem likely but asking here anyway.


Option 2: Get a smaller X1 non-DVR set-top box in another room, where we are able to watch those old recordings that are physically on the primary X1 DVR box (that must be the AnyRoom DVR service). Can we get yet another one of those small set top boxes and keep it connected?

We have been given a new X1-DVR box and is working already.  If we try to go back to the old box and activate it (though the TV won't show any picture), will that act alone make the recordings inaccessible? 


Option 3: We have been given a new X1 DVR set top box set top box. Can we also connect the broken one in the same household and be able to access the local recordings?  Basically there will be two X1 DVR TV set top boxes, but not sure if one will collide its function with the other.


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2 y ago

Option 1
No, that doesn’t happen ever
Option 2
That will work. You can have as many boxes as you want to pay for
Option 3
That will also work, just paying for 2 dvrs.

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2 y ago

Let us know what other questions you have, Redfordl.

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