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Fri, Sep 3, 2021 11:11 PM

X1 TV Box Issue

I have a main X1 TV Box in the living room and an additional X1 TV Box in my bedroom. The TV Box in my bedroom is working fine with no issues however the main TV Box in the living room is giving me issues.

Here's what the issue looks like: The living room TV will show what's on SyFy (the current channel it's on) for a minute or 2, disappear, and repeats the process showing what's on Syfy again. It's also not changing the channel when I use the XR15 voice control remote TV or Xfinity TV Remote app on my android phone.

Here's what I've done to try and fix the issue: (1) I made sure all the connections are tightened, (2) I replaced the batteries in the remote, and (3) I made sure the TV is in the correct input.
Other things I've done to try and fix the issue: (1) I replaced the HDMI with a new HDMI (a new/unused HDMI I have lying around), (2) I tried connecting the remote control I use for my bedroom TV Box to the living room TV Box and it's not changing the channel, (3) I swapped the two TVs, and (4) disconnecting the power to the living room TV Box and reconnecting it.

I've tried everything that I could think of to try and fix the issue and nothing fixed the issue. I tested the HDMI and the remote control of my living room TV Box on my bedroom TV Box and they're both working. I also tested my living room TV in my bedroom TV Box and it's also working fine. I narrowed down the issue and assumed that the problem is the living room TV Box and not the HDMI cable, TV Box remote control, or the TV.


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2 m ago

It's possible the living room box has a poor signal. X1's need a good signal as EVERYTHING you do, including remote commands, goes through a Comcast server.

You can check for a weak downstream by going to Settings/Comcast Labs on the box and then checking the signal level.

You can get more detailed info about the DOCSIS connection used for server communication on the diagnostics screen:

Hold EXIT for at least 5 seconds

Hit the down arrow key twice

Hit the number 2 key  (You need to do the keys quickly after releasing EXIT.)

Go to System, the DOCSIS. You want the upstream power to be below 50 ideally, although 52-53 is still OK. Downstream should be -10 or higher, with an SNR of 33 or higher.


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2 m ago

Hello @user_0bcff6 and thank you for connecting with us on the Xfinity Support Forums. Looks like you've already done quite a bit of the leg work and troubleshooting here. As I read through your steps, I'd say we both came to the eventual conclusion that it might be time to either swap out the main Living Room or as @andyross pointed out, there may be a signal issue afoot. The latter would require a technician.

Out of curiosity, is it a DVR or regular X1 set-top box? You can confirm using the model number--anything that is XG1 is a DVR, and the XG2 are non-DVR. I'll also link our equipment guide: X1 Equipment Guide


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