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Thu, Oct 24, 2019 5:00 PM

X1 remote turns TV off and then on again

I am encountering a problem with my X1 remotes that is going to damage my TVs. When I press the power button to turn the TV off the TV flicks off and then immediately turns back on. This can happen several times when attempting to turn it off. 


This has been going on for at least a month and is happening on three separate TVs  with three separate remotes.  Each TV is a different brand. 


I’ve reset each remote and looked for a setting to stop this from occurring without any success. I’ve stopped using the remote on my media room TV for fear that it is going to damage a component. 


Besides not using the remotes has anyone been able to solve this issue? Could it be tied to a box update? Thanks.

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2 y ago

What else is connected to the TVs?   You might try turning off HDMI control (CEC) in the TV settings in case some other device is causing it.   Also, many smart TVs can be controlled over wifi or network connections with apps that cast to them or work as remote controls.  Maybe someone is pranking you or a neighbor has accidentally connected to the wrong device.

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1 y ago

Have you figured this out yet? I have the same issue and nothing else is connected to my tv.

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