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Sat, May 9, 2020 7:00 AM

x1 keeps rebooting

it seems that ever 6 months to a year i have this problem ... really miss the old style boxes were they didnt need the main box to work .... and i cant really stand in line to exchange the main, i am getting ready for neck surgery ... an standing for to long hurts ,,, 


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1 y ago

I’m getting the exact same error. I just upgraded my boxes to the newer system yesterday and have been having this problem for 24 hours. The error is only with the primary box that connects directly to the cable line. The wireless boxes seem to be working fine. I did notice that the problem is particularly persistent when using the Xfinity button to access on demand or apps (Netflix, etc). I’ve talked to customer service 5 different times. The latest tech told me she was sending a new remote. Wish I had never upgraded.

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