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Fri, Oct 30, 2020 7:00 AM

X1 box not working/connecting/ dvr playback does not work. 2nd new box in less than a year

X1 dvr box is having issues. last december the box would just keep rebooting intermittenly. that went on for a week or so then it was fine in January then in february it wa shappening again. Not offten juts when the daily update overnight. it would keep happening over and over until i un plugged.  it was ok i rached out to xfinity and didnt here anything i understood cause of the pandemic it would be a hassle. I just dealt with it and it was just now and then it would reboot itself. i did all the trouble shooting still it was not working. Finally swapped out DVR in July and lost all recordings but ok the cable and box has been working great. Until..... Last month and it was just the play back issue choppy skipping ok no big deal but it didnt stop only after a reboot and it would only last part of the day. it would lag. This started to happen to all tvs. now this morning i cant get the dvr off of reboot. I unplugged tighten cables let it sit for 2 hours unplugged. did trouble shoot with my app and it couldnt connect the main box and offered to send tech out but no appointments for 2 weeks. i go upstairs and that tv isnt working either. I am not sure what is going in i heard from otherws may be signal strength and not the box. Do i go switch the dvr box again. I just diont know what happened all if a sudden and there is no outages in my area. 


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8 m ago

Hi there, hlc1l976, 


I want to help out in regards to your post. I can take a look at what is happening with the DVR. Our team is here to help you out. 


Can you please private message me your full name? Thank you for posting to our forums. 
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