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Mon, Apr 13, 2020 5:00 AM


X1 box blinking upon startup

Hello, It seems as though every morning when I turn on the tv, the picture goes out (blinks black) for about two seconds and no audio comes out at that time as well. I have the box hooked up through a Denon stereo, and I know it’s the X1 box because the Xfinity guide and remote does not react while it’s blinking and when I switch to a different input my Apple TV is fine. Once I do a system reset on the box it’s fine. Tried updating to newest firmware with the box but didn’t fix the issue, and I’ve tried different ports as well. I don’t understand with turning the tv on what changes since the cable box is always on? Only happens in the morning, not when I turn the tv on at night. I saw other posts on here referencing that it’s probably the box but no posts confirmed that was the answer.
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