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Saturday, March 18th, 2023 3:18 PM

X1 box and wasting my time in these forums

​​I went round and round on here trying to get a 4K box.   I'd talk to the Comcast reps, and they;d then send me the same (non 4K) box I already had, etc.​​

​​I finsally decided enough of this [Edited: "Inflammatory"].  I called Xfinity - and yes, it was a pain because they try to get you into the [Edited: "Inflammatory"] Xfiniyty Assistant and automate a generic response (that never fit what I needed to do)​​

​​But when I reached the Xfinity phone rep, in 2 days I had the 4K box delivered to my house.​​

​[Edited: "Inflammatory"]​



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21 hours ago

Comcast exits my post because they say it's inflammatory?   That's just not true.   

What is inflammatory is every day I get emails and texts from Comcast about this.  And every day I call and discuss it.

I'm assured it is fixed and the next day we do this again.

So rather than address it, Comcast ignores the post?

It's absolutely incredible really to be treated like this 

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