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Wed, Jan 5, 2022 1:56 PM

X! DVR picture quality problem, Comcast admits cloud recordings "Cloud DVR may not look as sharp"

I response to a picture quality concern with a new X1 DVR box with a hard drive, XfinityDemitrius responded

"With the new DVR, you need to be sure you are playing content that is stored locally and not located on the cloud. Video content that is recorded within the Cloud DVR may not look as sharp as locally recorded content as it's a back up copy and a used for mobile device streaming such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets. You would want to attempt to watch content that was recorded while you had the new DVR connected to receive the best picture quality for recordings. "

This was in response to my post after recording 2 shows on the new X1 DVR:

"Just watched 2 recorded shows on the new X1 DVR and though the commercial skip worked better, the picture quality seemed different enough that I will try my old DVR and watch part of the same 2 shows on OnDemand. The new box makes the our HD TV seem not as sharp and the color was washed out. This is a TV that was professionally calibrated so we know the TV is fine"

Has anyone else had a similar problem with X1? It seems that some of the X1 boxes have no hard drive and are cloud only so are they recording only phone or tablet quality as well? My new box does have an internal hard drive along with an eSATA port for an additional external hard drive but who knows if Comcast has not disabled that feature like they did with the ability to display the channel on the front panel instead of the time. This box is on thin ice as it is because it is very noisy any time it is plugged in. My PC with 4 fans is  quieter. When you ask they say they cannot guarantee what box they will send out.

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